Jerrell Waddell - Head Coach

Coach Jerrell has been coaching since 2009 and has been our Head Coach since 2011.  He specializes in sprints, middle distance and
long-distance running.  His favorite event as a coach is the long jump.

While he was in High School, Jerrell completed in Track & Field,
Basket ball and Football.  He also played football at tOregon State University.  Go Beavers!

Coach Jerrell believes anyone who has the desire can become a good or even a great runner with ahrd work, discipline and  a coachable attitude.  He is passionate about teaching young athletes the fundamentals and techniques of optimal running form.

Coach Jerrell is the Executive Pastor at the Life Change Chruch in Portland.  He and his wife Shantel have tree children, all of which started their track and fileld eperience with our club.

Coach says if he could have a super power, he would "Run everywhere, no vehicle needed!  I simply love running!"