Kris Myers - Conditioning Coach

Coach Kris has been working with team since 2017.  She specializes in Myofascial Release, Injury prevention, Cross Training, Gait Analysis, Stretching, Group Exercise and Personal Training.

She competed on her Middle School Track Team and held the record for long jump of 13'.  She was also on the Volleyball Team.

Coach Kris has a degree in Exercise Science and is pursuing a degree in Applied Health and Fitness Coaching.

She is passionate about Health and getting people moving in ways that creates overall health and wellness.  She believes in creating an environment where everyone can be successful in staying physically active in whatever they enjoy doing.

Coach is married and has two children.  Her daughter Cheyenne, is an active member of the Speed in Action Team.

When asked if she had a super power, Coach said "My power is Joy and Enthusiasm.  I have enough to share, and I believe it's my purpose in doing just that. So when you see me smile at you, don't be afraid to smile back.  You may find that you enjoy it".